What are the Geocaching Days at all?

The Geocaching Days are an event from geocachers for geocachers. Geocaching is a hobby which is about finding containers at certain places and leaving a log there. You will find more information at geocaching.com or Wikipedia.

Geocaching is a hobby that is done mostly with the family, in a small group or alone. However, geocachers like to meet with others to talk about their hobby. That is then called an event and may be visited by up to 100+ people. Since the geocaching community over the years has grown rapidly in Germany, there are also larger events, for which geocachers also arrive from far away. Such big events are called Mega or Giga Events. Geocachers from all around the world will meet in Kiel to spend a whole weekend together.

When will the Geocaching Days take place?

They will begin on Friday, 11th of August 2017, with the event at Falckenstein beach, the main event takes place on Saturday, 12th of August 2017, at the open air museum and on Sunday, the 13th of August 2017, they will end with a trip on a  ship out to the Baltic Sea.

Where can I find the listings?

Yes, I want to take part, how does it work?

First, you’ll log a “Will Attend” on the website of geocaching.com. This is done to enable us to get an approximate breakdown of the number of our potential guests for a better planning. After that, you can book the entry tickets for the event, all the various side events as well as courses, lectures and caravan campsites etc in our shop.

When will the booking site be online?

The booking site was online. All reservations for tickets, Geocoins, t-shirts and activities could be found there.

How do I get the ordered products from the Geocaching Days Store?

You can pick up the ordered items exclusively on site during the Geocaching Days Events at 11th and 12th August 2017. There will be a registration counter during the events on Friday and Saturday where you can receive the ordered items upon presentation of the electronic or printed invoice confirmation. Definitely no shipping.

What about accomodation?

You can book hotels online with special rates: http://www.convention-kiel.de/index.php?id=2433


Do you need volunteers?

Sure, because of the expected large crowds, we will need really a lot of people. Each volunteer is marked by a t-shirt that identifies him as an aide. Of course it will remain in your possession. It would be nice if you speak several languages (Low German is one also). The languages need not be perfectly spoken, have courage, geocachers will understand each another.

To the helper form.

Do you offer a child care?

There won’t be dedicated child care, but we offer lots of activities for children.

Together with your children, there will be plenty of exciting things to discover. As an example the historic swingboats may be mentioned here. There will be also exhibitions about games and toys of former times, and many other exciting activities. A signal rally for children will take place, they can make their own buttermilk, fun lab caches for young and old, etc. Who knows, e.g., in our days, a humming top?

On the homepage of the Geocaching Days I only can see a picture from the beach… How do I get more?

Have you tried to scroll down?

What about the collectors of Wood- & Geocoins?

We will set a central meeting place on the event grounds where you can meet and share with each other. It’s located next to the vendor area.

We are traveling by motor home, where can we find a caravan campsite?

We reserved many parking spaces just for you. There will be a special contact person for you, who is very familiar with all matters concerning the camping cars and camping. Whether electric connections, supply or disposal, he will be reachable all the time for you by phone and in person. Contact details will be announced in due time. Check out our dedicated camping informations.

Will there be event coins?

Our sponsor and partner LASER ON TOP has come up with something very special. Remainder of stock will be sold during the event.

I've heard about several country points with Kiel as a basis. Do you have more information?

Yes, Denmark is just a 50 minutes ride by car away. Norway and Sweden are reachable very well and cheap. You can go there by ferry with the Color Line (http://www.colorline.de/) and the Stena Line (http://www.stenaline.de/skandinavien).

I think it's great what you are setting up, unfortunately, I can not help. How can I support the project otherwise yet?

It’s simple: From now on you can buy the Supporter Pass and a Supporter Geocoin in our event shop.

I am a trader of Geocaching articles and would like to set up a booth at your trading area.

The event area is 40 hectares, most probably there will be a good place for you too, write us at exhibitors@geocachingdays.de, we will get back to you.

My company sells products that are also interesting for geocachers, can I advertise it at the event?

Sure, we would be pleased, please contact us at sponsoring@geocachingdays.de, we will contact you and make you an offer.

What about car parks around the event site?

The anticipated rush at the main day can not be covered solely by a large number of available parking lots at the open-air museum. We have set up alternative parking areas, please check the waypoints in the listing. A shuttle with costs exists. However, we would like you to form carpools. Also, public transport is very well structured in Kiel, so that the Geocaching Days can also be easily reached by bus. We have arranged a public transport ticket for the whole weekend. You can book it in our online shop.

I've got a question that is not answered here, who can help me?

This FAQ is constantly being expanded. We would like to answer your question too, please submit it via the contact form.