Ways to the past

What a fantastic terrain for lovers of Lost Places – well, so completely lost are the buildings on the approximately 40 hectares of grounds, on which the main event of Geocaching Days in Kiel will take place, not. Stone by stone were the more than 60 historic houses, farm buildings and mills removed, restored, preserved and built up again in a landscape of meadows, gardens, fields and ponds. Of course, lovingly collected furniture, household items and tools should not be missing.

Actually, with the word “museum” we associate rather something lifeless, old and slightly dusty – but this did not apply in this case. Because there is life again in some old houses. From chickens, ducks and geese, sheep, cows up to horses all the animals that were previously found in the yards do live here again. In front of the pharmacy are growing long forgotten herbs in a nurtured herb garden and give an insight of the history of pharmacy to the visitors.

But what would all these interesting things be without the people? Several artisans like the beekeeper, the potter, the blacksmith, the wood turner, weavers, wood sculptors and basket makers demonstrate their activities at times.

In several buildings interesting special collections such as agricultural equipment or toys are shown except the associated equipment. At the small fair of former times our little Cachers will get their money’s worth. Here two carousels, swing boats and a large playground, invite to pleasure. At the end of a beautiful day the kiddies will have forgotten their electronic toys and many parents also even try their hands at the navigation with a compass.

Certainly, a modern museum needs some technique, there is even a digital companion through the extensive terrain in an app. It is important to say, that there is no fixed tour but one can select each station individually. So there will be nowhere a huge crowd but the many expected visitors will spread widely around the grounds. In a more detailed version that is installed on tablets available at the entrance, the blacksmith Arne Paysen and the basket-maker Christine Sell let you look over their shoulders. Elfie Andresen experienced as a child on their home island the spring tide in 1962 and lets the memories of the dramatic hours come back to life in a movie – she tells it twice, in High German and Low German.

Of course, there will be retailers from across Europe on a shopping mile at this main-event day and present their goods, whether a climbing rope is wanted, accessories for geocaching, special hiding places or geocoins, certainly here will be something for each geocacher. Likewise, the physical well-being will be ensured, different caterers who are experienced with such major events are already prepared and looking forward to your visit. The collectors of wood- & geocoins will meet at a swap meet and besides to a geocaching trip around the world some lab caches can be solved, lockpicking workshops will be offered as well as the well-known TB-handicrafts by Birre from Belgium. You can furthermore attend to a lot more activities and visit exhibitions like the world’s biggest collection of Geopins.

Of course, self-catering will be allowed too. Nobody needs to draw the water bottle out of the bag secretly or to bite into his sandwich in a quiet corner. Here, among all the historic buildings with all the animals and people, a picnic will be real fun. According to our experiences cachers will not create heaps of waste in the area, there will be offered enough disposal facilities.

Even at the four-legged caching companions has been thought, there will be special filling stations for dogs.

So on this Saturday there will be many cachers who will have extended their historical knowledge in an easy way. Who will be able to look back with satisfaction on an eventful day in which they were able to pursue their beloved hobby, could meet many geocachers of other states and nations and thereby also have had great fun.

Whether young or old, whether families or teams – Geocaching Days in Kiel will sure be remembered for a long time by you as a great Geocaching-themed time-travel into the historic Schleswig-Holstein!